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Web Design

[banner2 title=”Web Design Company” subtitle=”In today’s market, a compelling, engaging website is absolutely essential to your success in the online world. It takes a prospective customer around 3 seconds to form an opinion about your website and to determine whether they like and trust your company. Three seconds! This is why a professionally designed website is absolutely crucial. Luckily for you, we have your back! As a professional web design company, NextGen Marketing’s team of web design professionals design and build your business’s website from the ground up. Our marketing team understands your customers better than anyone and converts your company’s clicks into customers! NextGen Marketing is the fastest growing web design company because we focus on user intent and user experience, curating content specific to your customers. NextGen Marketing takes website design to a whole new level, always keeping your customers as the primary focus of website design.” image=”87″ video=”” link=”” btn=”Schedule A Free One on One Strategy Session”]

Full Stack Web Design Design

What do we mean by, “Full Stack Web Design”? It means we take on the whole project, from start to finish! We start at the front of the web design process (the look and feel of your website) and we end at the back of your web design project which is the little parts of optimization to make sure your website is seen in Google. We also do everything in between as well including building the sales funnel of your website. At the end of the day if your website doesn’t convert the clicks into customers, is it really that great of a website? So, we handle everything on your website, and when we are finished we will exceed all of your expectations!

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NextGen Marketing is a team of highly skilled individuals. We help clients nationwide from small and medium-sized businesses to non-profits organizations and startups! We can help just about any business out there, no matter the size of the business! There are two types of websites we specialize in, Lead Generation and eCommerce! Lead Generation websites are great for local businesses looking to fill their sales pipeline. eCommerce websites are great for a local business looking to take their product nationally or internationally. They are also great for someone looking to get started as an online store.

When we build a new website, it is always best that we know as much as possible about your business, so be prepared when our team of designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists ask you a lot of questions. At the end of the day, we are wanting to provide you with an exceptional product, so do not be intimidated when working with us. We are a full-service Ohio digital marketing agency, so look at us as tools and experts to help utilize the internet to grow and expand your business.

Your website is a reflection of your business. Prospective customers will use your website to find out who your business is, what are your company values, and what value you can bring to them. In the age of the internet, your website is more important than ever! It acts as the home station for everything else online in regards to your company. As we said earlier, is your website really valuable to you if it’s not turning those clicks into customers? Let NextGen Marketing, the professional web designers of Ohio, help you with turning your website from ‘just another website’ into “wow, this website is incredible.”

UI & UX: User Intent & User Experience

We think it’s important to first explain exactly what UI & UX is, so you can have a better understanding of how your website should be built!

UI is short for User Intent! User Intent, simply put, what is your user looking for? Are they looking for fitness tips? Are they looking for a local lawn care service? Are they looking for a Social Media Marketing Agency?

What is the intent of the user coming to your website? This is something that needs to be taken into consideration when developing your website or redesigning your website!

UX is short for User Experience! User Experience, simply put, is what kind of experience is your user getting from your website based off of there intent. If your user’s intent is looking for Akron Marketing Agencies, are you giving your user an experience around marketing agencies based in Akron? If your user is looking for a Beginners Guide to Fitness, are they able to experience your website that is built specifically for their intent? User experience is crucial to increasing your CTR (Click-through-Rate). You want your Click-through-Rate to be high due to Google’s algorithm gives more authority to quality websites which means higher rankings for your target keyword! Hit the link to find out more information about SEO.

By developing or redesigning your website based on UI & UX, you can increase your rankings in the SERPs and increase your number of leads from Google!

10 Reasons You Should Hire NextGen Marketing…

  1. Hundreds of clients ranked #1 for respective keywords [Ex: Client #1 for Dad Hats & Motivational Clothing]
  2. Clients across the entire United States
  3. We are a real company with a real team and real results for real clients.
  4. We have clients across different niches and industries.
  5. Campaign tracking so you always know the results of our campaign
  6. 95% Client Retention Rate
  7. We have seen a thing or two when it comes to business.
  8. Custom built systems & processes that last for years.
  9. Reports and action plan that you can understand.
  10. Genuine care and respect for your business


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Our Process

When you work with NextGen Marketing, a premier web design agency, you will be working with a highly skilled team of copywriters, web designers, web developers, and SEO specialists. We know exactly what it takes to turn your website from an ‘ehhh’ website to a ‘WOW’! We will make a website that you want to show off to others!

As the saying goes, your business is your baby. We will take care of your baby (*cough, cough* your website) and make sure that your website is being nurtured and cared for so that it grows into something you are very proud of!

Your website is essentially your business which is why it’s so important to have a great looking, functional website that actually generates you an ROI. We put the time in and have the experts to turn your website into a highly converting asset for your business!

All Website Are:

  • Responsive for mobile devices, tablets, and computers
  • Custom built to meet and exceed the specific needs of your business
  • Search Engine friendly and are optimized to assist in ranking highly in Google