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The Single Most Important Reason Why Your Company Needs to be Online

Social media and the internet are not going away anytime soon, yet small business owners still decide to neglect the importance of online marketing and how it directly effects their success. Today’s market place is not like it used to be where print ads in newspapers and magazines were your main form of advertisements. That form of advertising was very costly and, for the most part, inefficient. The internet and social media pages allow us to connect to our potential new customers/ clients and existing consumers on a more personal and direct level. By connecting directly instead of through a print ad, it allows us to build, cultivate, and develop relationships with our consumers instead of just looking at them as another sale. Social media and the internet allows us to provide value to the consumer which, in most cases, allows them to stay loyal to your brand. Also, social media advertising and digital marketing are extremely cost effective. So, why are some small businesses reluctant to move some of their focus to digital marketing?

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Being online means having a responsive (good for mobile and desktop screens) website that is very well search engine optimized and friendly. It allows means to grow and expand your following on social media by providing engaging content for your audience, then you tie all of that up with email marketing. You may not believe in advertising online, and you may want to stick to the old fashioned way. You are setting yourself up for failure by not engaging in online marketing. Let’s face it, consumers are online more than ever. To set yourself up for success, you want to be where your consumers are. With attention spans at an all-time low, you want to be constantly reminding them that your company is in business. You can do that with your email marketing campaigns. You can run promotions through email to promote your website and sales. By running these email campaigns, you will be able to constantly remind your consumers you are still actively engaged in your business. With an estimated 25% of Americans that make at least one online purchase per week, average smartphone user picking up their phone 1,500 times per week, and approximately 65% of Facebook users using Facebook Daily, there are plenty of well justified reasons to be engaged in digital marketing (if you want to grow your business, of course). But, the single most important reason why you should be engaged in online marketing is because your consumers are online! It is essential for business growth to put your products or services in front of your consumers to see.

Customers are online. Your customers are online almost every single day, and this means if you want to dominate your niche, you need to be online as well. There are companies out there to help you excel in the digital marketing era, NextGen Marketing being one of those companies. We can take your business into the online world, and help you dominate in your space.

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-Nicholas Wolf, CEO of NextGen Marketing