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NextGen Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency offering search engine optimization services, PPC, web design, social media marketing, consulting, advertising, and much more! Our team of SEO professionals are eager to create and implement an effective, ethical White Hat SEO strategy to enhance your company’s organic search traffic and turn clicks into paying customers!” image=”66″ video=”” link=”” btn=”SCHEDULE A FREE STRATEGY SESSION!”]

Why Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is an art. Between on-site, off-site, local, and backlinking, it can get very confusing, very fast. Luckily for you, our Warwick SEO Company has helped rank tons of companies that have grown our client’s top line revenue exponentially! We can do the same thing for your business. We know Google. We know what Google loves, and we know what Google hates. This puts us in a great position to help your business in the very best way possible!

SEO can be one of the best things to invest in for your business to help with growth and new leads! Ranking on the first page of Google brings in prospects that are looking for your service or your products. These prospects are extremely warm leads! These prospects have a local need, and they are searching in Google to fill that need.

Obtaining top rankings in Google is free traffic. You don’t have to pay for each one of those clicks like most other forms of advertising. FREE TRAFFIC IS THE BEST TRAFFIC. This has the potential to be the best return on your investment you have ever received with your company. However, we must warn that ranking #1 in Google for your keyword is no easy task, which is why hiring the professionals is always the best route to go.

10 Reasons You Should Hire NextGen Marketing…

  1. Hundreds of clients ranked #1 for respective keywords [Ex: Client #1 for Dad Hats & Motivational Clothing]
  2. Clients across the entire United States
  3. Real company with a real team and real results for real clients
  4. Custom digital strategy built specifically for your business
  5. Campaign tracking so you always know the results of our campaign
  6. 95% Client Retention Rate
  7. 5.0 [Perfect Rating] in Google
  8. Custom built systems & processes that last for years
  9. Reports you can understand
  10. Genuine care and respect for your business

We’ve been around the block when it comes to SEO. This isn’t our first rodeo. We haven’t only ranked our website, but we’ve ranked dozens of our client’s websites for their target keyword. If you still want to see reviews of our Warwick SEO Company, we have plenty of those reviews as well. [View Here]

The best thing about our Warwick SEO Agency is that we have all of the resources right here in-house: copywriters, developers, content creators, and research analysts, we have it all covered so that we can best serve you and your business! SEO is something we take very seriously because it has the opportunity to completely revolutionize your business! 


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Our SEO Strategy [For Warwick, RI]

Our strategy is the best of the best because we want to deliver the best of the best results. After we learn more about your company, we begin our process!

Our Warwick SEO Process:

On-Site SEO – we create content on your website that Google loves and wants to show to their users / optimize everything from images to tags to titles. This is the part that we take a deep dive into your current website and make some changes to be Google friendly.

Off-Site SEO – Make sure that Google knows that your website has valuable information by creating and linking high quality, authoritative backlinks to your site.

Technical SEO – our developers take a look under the hood of your website to make sure everything looks good and is running properly – make sure you have no broken links and your page load speed is optimized.

Local SEO – make sure your Google Business Listing is optimized to show up over competitors listing – also point everything back to your website so this is truly a win-win!

How Much Does SEO Cost in Warwick?

You may be wondering… “How Much Does SEO Cost In Warwick?”

Every business is different. For us to be able to give you the best, most accurate price for search engine optimization services in Warwick, we must first do an in-depth analysis of your current situation.

To get an accurate quote for your business, it is best to schedule a Free Strategy Session!

We do have a very unique pricing structure. We do a one-time initial push package which is a one-time payment that gives your website some major rocket fuel for the search engines. From there, we offer a monthly maintenance fee at a reduced cost compared to the initial push. This allows you to know exactly how much the package will cost with an end in sight.

To many SEOs offer monthly packages with extremely long campaigns which leaves you not knowing what results you will get and exposed to a long time with no rankings. Our initial packages allow us to show you exactly the quality of work that we do which allows us to earn your business for the future. Earning your business is something we are very proud of. We treat your business like our own business which has led to our over 95% client retention rate!

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So What Are You Waiting For?

Let the fun begin! We want to get started on your SEO project today. Once you establish your account with us, we will begin the fun and start growing your business!