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WorthWhile Clothing – eCommerce

WorthWhile – eCommerce & Social Media

WorthWhile was looking to increase sales from their eCommerce website and grow their social media presence. It was obvious to the team at NextGen Marketing that a compelling, engaging website would be crucial to campaign success. From the social media side, we stuck with all Facebook and Instagram (mostly Instagram) ads to drive initial traffic and retarget that initial traffic with more compelling ad campaigns.



– A website that is 100% Pixeled

– Custom Audiences for each product to tap into at anytime

– Completely overhauled, aesthetically pleasing website


Affordable Women’s Clothing company, WorthWhile, contacted NextGen because they were really struggling to turn the corner with their Amazon store. Having minimal experience in the Amazon World and ample experience in the eCommerce world, we knew exactly what it would take to move from Amazon to eCommerce and how to build an online brand that would actually generate revenue! We went straight to the drawing board. We the new website from scratch to give it an aesthetic, modern feel, but we also made the website welcoming to the all-new customers. We wanted customers to feel WorthWhile while they shopped for high-quality clothing. We also pixeled every product on the website which means we can now retarget audiences based on people who viewed or purchased specific products. After the website was built, we went to work on Social Media. We chose to stick with Facebook and Instagram advertising for WorthWhile. Due to the entire site having the Facebook Pixel implemented, we found it fitting to run ad campaigns based on who Facebook thought would be most inclined to purchase. This brought in a massive amount of high-quality traffic to the eCommerce retailer. WorthWhile had great success with their TV Bandit product! The overall results were great, and WorthWhile was satisfied with their experience with NextGen Marketing! We will continue to work with WorthWhile for a long time into the future!