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Sours, Buie & Associates – Web Design

Sours, Buie & Associates – Web Design & Local SEO

Sours, Buie & Associates knew they needed to establish a professional presence online to capture new prospects, but they weren’t quite sure where to start. Being NextGen’s very first client, they have been able to witness our growth as a business and our growth in the results that we generate for our clients! They have been with us from the start, and they will continue to be with us for the future. We built Sours, Buie & Associates a professional website that was optimized to outperform all of their competitors in the Akron & northeast Ohio area. After we finished the website, we began to work on the Local SEO campaign. Since we were a brand new company, with limited experience, it took just a little longer to rank them #1 in the search results for their area and industry. However, it didn’t take too long! We were able to rank them #1 in just over a months time meaning that every prospect searching for their service would be calling them instead of their competitors!



– Professional, optimized website

– An increase of 75% in monthly call volume

– Multiple new, paying clients


Commercial Real Estate Appraisers Akron, OH, Sours, Buie & Associates, started their journey with NextGen with no website or knowledge of Local SEO. We used their knowledge of the industry with our skillset to create a results-driven website that turns their clicks into customers. We never pretend to know your business better than you do which is why we need you just as much as you need us during our processes. We got them set up with a website and ranked #1 in Google for their industry and area in just a little over a months time. They were able to experience an instant inflow of new, qualified prospects. They also observed a spike in their revenue which continues to grow every month by turning highly qualified, new prospects from Google into paying clients. Sours, Buie & Associates needed an aesthetically pleasing, professional website that would stand out from their competitors and give them the competitive advantage. Being a brand new company, at the time, they took a chance on us, and we were able to deliver a win-win scenario. At the end of the day, the world of business revolves around win-win scenarios!