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Motives WorldWide – eCommerce

Motives WorldWide – Marketing Wizardry

Motives WorldWide were looking to increase sales from their eCommerce website and develop an omnipresence. It was obvious to the team at NextGen Marketing that a compelling, engaging website would be crucial to campaign success. From the social media side, user-generated content would be the key to success for the motivational apparel company.



– Increased Sales from $2,500 per Month to $12,500 per month

– Seeing a ROAS of 6:1 (ROAS = Return on Ad Spend)

– Custom Audiences to Advertise to At Anytime

– An average order value increase from $27 to $64


Motivational Clothing Company, Motives WorldWide, reached out to NextGen because they were really struggling to turn the corner with their eCommerce store. Having ample experience in the eCommerce world, we knew exactly what it would take to build an online brand! We went straight to work. We redesigned their website to give it more of an aesthetic, exclusive feel, but we also made the website welcoming to the new customers. We wanted their customers to feel like they belonged with the Motives family. Once the website was redesigned, we went to work on their Social Media. The most effective way to build an online store and social media platform is influencers, so we found influencers for Motives WorldWide. They would be in charge of posting the clothing on their social media channels. In return, they would receive a massive discount on the clothing. Pretty sweet deal right? This brought in a massive amount of traffic to the eCommerce retailer. We a portion of the new traffic, but the real success came from our social media advertising efforts! We implemented the Facebook Pixel onto the eCommerce website which allowed us to run highly targeted ad campaigns to people who were already interested in Motives apparel. The overall results were astounding, and the Motives Team couldn’t have been happier with their experience with NextGen Marketing! They will be clients of ours for life!