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LearningRX Akron – Social Media

LearningRX Akron – Marketing Wizardry

LearningRX came to us with the need to stand out digital world. They are brain trainers which is a very specific niche compared to most other businesses. Their struggle was that people didn’t know what a brain trainer was. They do incredible work with their students. They teach kids how to learn instead of what to learn, and that is exactly the message we started to put out! They can truly help your child in school and with learning which can lead to lifelong success for your child. That’s every parent’s dream!



– A Marketing Machine

– An Omnipresence – They Are Everywhere for Their Target Customer

– An Increase In Organic Exposure

– An Ongoing SEO Process

– Social Media Ads That Convert


“Nick Wolf and NextGen Marketing have been a tremendous encouragement and help for LearningRx Akron. Our marketing program has become more focused and efficient since we have been working with NextGen. Nick has an ever-increasing knowledge of the world of digital marketing. He and his company provide cutting edge service and their knowledge of the current marketplace is spot on. They have helped increase our brand awareness in greater Akron and business has been very good. Our Facebook outreach has increased considerably as a result of Next Gen. If you are looking to expand your business and fine-tune your marketing plan, I recommend you contact NextGen. You won’t be disappointed!”

– Steve Buie Owner, LearningRx Akron


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LearningRX is better than all Akron Tutors because they get to the root of the students learning problems. They contacted us because they were struggling to break through the noise of all other companies. They have such a great product that truly helps children learn how to learn instead of what to learn, they just needed help spreading their message. That’s where we came in! We brought in a new social media content schedule! Steve likes to call us Marketing Wizards because we are able to see take a 30-000-foot view, but we can also go down to the molecular level. Such a great compliment to get! We’ve delivered amazing results for Steve! It’s been a win-win situation and a great friendship that will last a lifetime.