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Cleveland Brownie Company

Cle Brownie Co. – eCommerce

The Cleveland Brownie Company came to NextGen as an idea of a company. They wanted to make MASSIVE brownies [that are absolutely delicious]. So, they originally started with a consult from our team to see if this would be a viable company to start and market. We immediately recognized this would be huge. The project was set after that. We needed to get a website up and running that was functional, took payments, could handle a huge volume of traffic, and looked like the vision we all had for the company. That’s exactly what we delivered!




– A Website That Generates Over $10k Per Month In Sales

– A Website That Handles Massive Amounts Of Traffic Per Day

– A Website That Converts Clicks Into Customers

– A Website That Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Owners, Zack Buckeye & Ireland Beatty, have been extremely busy baking brownies, which is certainly a good thing! They are thrilled with the website that we build for them on a platform that is able to grow with their business.

We loved working with them as well! Getting some free brownies was definitely a great perk of the job. We look forward to working on future projects with Cle Brownie Co. and watching their growth!