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The Future of Marketing

NextGen Marketing is a marketing agency based out of Akron, Ohio. However, our client base is nationwide, going from northeast Ohio to Los Angeles, California! NextGen is designed to help small businesses and organizations stay relevant to marketing changes and trends, generate revenue through highly targeted ad campaigns, and establish a professional presence online. We provide affordable, creative marketing services including web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and video production. With the world of digital marketing always changing, we ensure our clients are always on top of the latest trends in the online world.

We have a passion for Digital Marketing, and we want to share that passion with your business! Our chief aim in our business is to help your business grow and succeed. Unlike other Digital Marketing Agencies, we do not care about impressions, relevancy scores, clicks, views, or any other metric that is not important. You care about results that help grow your business which means we care about results and that is exactly what we deliver, results. We deliver your business results through highly targeted ad campaigns on popular social media channels, Local SEO campaigns that put your business in front of people who are searching for your service, and professional web design that will help in the establishment of a professional presence for your business.

At NextGen Marketing, we strive every day to change the status quo of what a marketing agency can be for small businesses and organizations. We provide small businesses with affordable services that are designed and implemented to give our clients a strong, professional presence online. By giving small businesses a strong, professional presence online, it allows them to increase their call volume and leads, grow their revenue, and ultimately grow their business.