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Marketing Wizardry

[banner2 title=”Marketing Wizardry” subtitle=”Marketing Wizardry is everything your business needs. We build custom marketing systems and processes and handle everything digital for your business’s online presence. This is truly the all-inclusive package!

NextGen Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency offering search engine optimization services, PPC, web design, social media marketing, consulting, advertising, and much more! Our team of digital experts cannot wait to build a custom strategy for your business and put that strategy in place to deliver amazing results!” image=”90″ video=”” link=”” btn=”SCHEDULE A FREE STRATEGY SESSION!”]

Why Hire Choose Our Marketing Wizardry Package?

Chances are, your business is looking to rapidly expand, your business is not keeping your sales pipeline full, you’ve tried everything and can’t crack the marketing code, or the agency or marketing team you’re currently working with just isn’t getting the job done. If either of those are the case, we can help! Our Marketing Wizardry Package is everything digital marketing from organic social media growth to Aggressive SEO campaigns to building a sales funnel to advertising and email marketing, we handle everything for you! This is a completely stress-free, done for you service that gets amazing results. With our Marketing Wizardry package, we build powerful marketing systems that will stand the test of time which means that you will have the power to either handle the marketing yourself or hire an in-house marketing team and get the same results that we were getting for you!

We created a model called, “Marketing Nirvana.” Marketing Nirvana is how your marketing should operate and flow together. It is all of the pieces of your marketing strategy working together in perfect harmony.

Our Marketing Wizardry Process:

Deep Dive – We dive deep into your business’s marketing & sales systems & processes. We look at your customer attraction systems, your sales process, and the full picture of your marketing to truly understand your business.

Technical Analysis – From our deep dive, we technically analyze your marketing systems and processes under a microscope. We look at every little detail of your operations to take detailed notes on areas of opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and threats to your company.

Alchemic Creation – From our deep dive & technical analysis, we create a marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level. Our creation strategy is to develop an omnipresence for your business with the right customer at the right time.

Implementation – After our deep dive, technical analysis, and alchemic creation, we put our plan into action, and we begin the process of taking your business to the next level through our incredible marketing strategy.

This process works with any type of business. No matter the size of the business, business goals, or revenue of your business, NextGen Marketing can help you reach new targets you never thought were possible!

10 Reasons You Should Hire NextGen Marketing…

  1. Hundreds of clients ranked #1 for respective keywords [Ex: Client #1 for Dad Hats & Motivational Clothing]
  2. Clients across the entire United States
  3. We are a real company with a real team and real results for real clients.
  4. We have clients across different niches and industries.
  5. Campaign tracking so you always know the results of our campaign
  6. 95% Client Retention Rate
  7. We have seen a thing or two when it comes to business.
  8. Custom built systems & processes that last for years.
  9. Reports and action plan that you can understand.
  10. Genuine care and respect for your business


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How Much Does Marketing Wizardry Cost?

You may be wondering… “How Much Does this Wizardry Package Cost?”

Every business situation is different. For us to be able to give you the best, most accurate price, we must first do an in-depth analysis of your current business situation and marketing strategy.

To get an accurate quote for your business, it is best to schedule a Free Strategy Session!