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NextGen Marketing is a marketing agency based out of Akron, Ohio. However, our client base is nationwide, going from northeast Ohio to Los Angeles, California! NextGen is designed to help small businesses and organizations stay relevant to marketing changes and trends, generate revenue through highly targeted ad campaigns, and establish a professional presence online. We provide affordable, creative marketing services including web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and video production. In the world of digital marketing always changing, we ensure our clients are always on top of the latest trends in the online world.

We have a passion for Digital Marketing, and we want to share that passion with your business! Our chief aim in our business is to help your business grow and succeed. Unlike other Digital Marketing Agencies, we do not care about impressions, relevancy scores, clicks, views, or any other metric that is not important. You care about results that help grow your business which means we care about results and that is exactly what we deliver, results. We deliver your business results through highly targeted ad campaigns on popular social media channels, Local SEO campaigns that put your business in front of people who are searching for your service, and professional web design that will help in the establishment of a professional presence for your business.

At NextGen Marketing, we strive every day to change the status quo of what a marketing agency can be for small businesses and organizations. We provide small businesses with affordable services that are designed and implemented to give our clients a strong, professional presence online. By giving small businesses a strong, professional presence online, it allows them to increase their call volume and leads, grow their revenue, and ultimately grow their business.

Your Marketing Partner

At NextGen, we take a genuine interest in watching your business grow and succeed. We do not view you as just another client. We are your marketing partner which means we care about your business just as much, if not more than you do! We want to see you succeed because if you succeed that means we have been successful in our job as well.

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No Contracts

We don't believe in contracts, never have, never will. This means that we have to earn your business every single day, and we take pride in that! There's nothing worse than getting into a contract with a company you don't know anything about and have just been introduced too, so we take all of that worry away. When you're apart of the NextGen family, we treat you how you want to be treated. We walk you through every step of the journey of what we're doing and how we're doing it, and if you're really interested, we take pride in teaching you more about Digital Marketing. That way you have a better understanding of your overall online presence. We understand it can be scary/ intimidating to work with an agency, so we are taking every step necessary to reduce that worry. Your Digital Marketing is in good hands when you work with NextGen Marketing.

NextGen Services

Social Media Marketing- Social media is one of the most effective forms of communication and advertising today. Breaking through all the noise to stand out from your competitors can be challenging, but that is where we specialize. We take the headache out of social media for your company. We will manage your entire social media portfolio, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Our social media management team will post directly to your social media pages. We will get your approval for our posts before they go out, the time schedule, and the number of posts per day.  Social media is a full-time job by itself. That's why the experts at NextGen Marketing are your best option.

Online Advertising- The potential of advertising has grown exponentially due to social media. It is time for your company to get in on social media advertising before the opportunity disappears. At NextGen Marketing, we have a highly trained, highly capable team of analytical experts to deliver your company results. We build all of the advertising campaigns, set up all ads, and deliver the analytical info to you in an easily readable report. This allows you to stay in control of your advertising while reaping the benefits of our expertise!

Web Design (eCommerce and Lead Gen)- Custom Built to Your Business. We offer development and maintenance to your website. We combine on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and SEO/ PR to boost and influence your website on Google. We will give you a strong, professional, SEO friendly website designed to give your business more leads!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- Get your page ranked at the top of Google substantially increasing your leads for new customers and offering a competitive advantage against your competitors. We optimize GMB (Google My Business) and Organic search results to ensure your business is at the top of the rankings in Google. With your business listing at the top of the rankings, this will make sure your potential new customers are able to see your business contact information over your competitors. A huge must for lead generating websites!

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Impressed with what you see from NextGen Marketing now? You'll be even more impressed when you speak with one of our Digital Marketing Specialists! Our competitors like to visit our website and check out our content, so we have to hold back the secret to the Future of Marketing! Connect with us to find out more!

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