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9+ Best LinkedIn Automation Tools To Use In 2022

LinkedIn needs no introduction. 

The platform (LinkedIn) boasts over 740 million users who sell their services, connect with prospects, build their network, and close high-value deals all from the platform. That’s why businesses and professionals worldwide continuously look to grow their network on LinkedIn.

And, the smart people who are prospecting on the social media giant use LinkedIn Automation tools to automate a lot of their lead generation and tedious tasks. In this article, we’re going to explore the best LinkedIn Automation tools on the market today. 

All of these automation tools have been diligently researched, most have been used by our team, and you’ll likely find one that works best for you. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

The Best LinkedIn Automation Tool to Use In 2022

1. Zopto –

Rating: 4.95/5

We use Zopto as our LinkedIn Automation tool for our team, and it has proven, month over month, to be a game-changer for our business. Zopto is a great choice if you’re looking to automate your lead generation, manage a team, and/or want to grow your network on LinkedIn. Zopto is cloud-based software, and you would need to upgrade to LinkedIn premium or have a sales Navigator for it to work. The great thing about this feature is that it can help you get clients outside your usual network. It also makes use of advanced filters for targeting prospects. To find the perfect client, you can set the filter based on title, company, location, technology, position, size, and many more. You can filter your ideal customers and start searching using LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator. The tool price starts at $215 monthly. Some plans will give you access to email prospecting.

Who Is the Tool Best For?

This is pretty much one of the tools I would recommend for sales teams and startups who are looking to enhance lead generation. You would, however, need to have a significant understanding of LinkedIn automation and the Sales Navigator.

Main Features

Excellent Filtering: you can perform a vast range of filtering with Zopto than most tools allow. You can filter by industry, location, size, company title, seniority, and more.  Engagement: The tool has a great level of engagement, and you can carry out connection invites, personalized messages, free InMails, e.t.c. Leads Management: you have a live dashboard to track your leads. The dashboard shows relevant statistics and information about your campaign All LinkedIn Automations: Offer all basic and important automation features, and this includes InMail messages, Twitter engagement, and advanced reporting.

Pros Of Using The Tool

This software has one of the best filter features. Great way to enhance lead generation and grow your network. Offer all basic and important automation features

Cons Of Using The Tool

It’s a bit pricier than the other tools on this list, however when it comes to LinkedIn Automation, you get what you pay for. 


Zopto offers 3 plans:

  • Personal – $215/month.
  • Grow – $395/month.
  • Agency – $895/month.

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What Are LinkedIn Automation Tools & Why Should You Use Them?

LinkedIn Automation tools are powerful software that helps you generate leads by automatically sending connections and messages to prospects.

They are also great for creating your own campaigns and also help you set up different campaign iterations. With LinkedIn automation tools, the potential of achieving your goals is extremely vast, and it’s over 740 million users are a testament to that fact.  

What Are LinkedIn Automation Tools?   LinkedIn automation is the ability to use certain specially designed tools to create an online presence on the platform and also have the luxury to automatically send connect requests and messages, whether as follow-ups to potential prospects or business colleagues. Automation tools are like a representative of yourself and would go about helping you get prospects and send messages to prospects as you would normally do online. It is that simple. In the real sense, automation tools are software that can carry out essential activities on LinkedIn, and their benefits are not only limited to you being offline.

These tools can also help you run your own personalized campaigns, select data that helps you create better campaigns iterations, and integrate with different marketing tools to develop Omnichannel campaigns.  In a short, simple sentence, Automation tools help you reach your professional and business goals. Automation tools have proven to be the game-changer for marketers and services agents, and you can easily become the next person to enjoy the immense benefits that these tools present. This article will review and compare the best LinkedIn automation tools to use in 2022, including the most reliable and free LinkedIn automation tools of 2022.

Also, I will address LinkedIn’s stance on third-party automation tools (which are basically the tools reviewed in this article) and the legality of these tools.

[Reviewed & Ranked] Top LinkedIn Automation Tools to Use In 2022

So let’s get straight to it and review the best LinkedIn automation tools for you to use in 2022!

2. –

Overall Rating: 4.87/5

DUX-soup is one of the best go-to tools to get tons of leads. The developer of the tool boast that it is pretty much the best for generating leads, and they are probably right as the tool does more than send connect requests. I have found it to be one of the best tools for targeting prospects by carrying out personalized LinkedIn outreach.  The site offers a free plan and two paid plans; pro edition and Turbo edition. The free trial, as you would expect, is highly limited to only mostly sending connections. The pro edition is much better and comes for half the price of the Turbo edition.   The tool comes with different packages that include individual, team, and agency. Individual packages are the right choice for you if you are a marketer or service seller of an organization and you are looking to generate leads.  The team package is a great choice if you are the lead generation team head and simply want multi-seat and flexible pricing. The team package is only available on paid subscriptions and includes pro edition and turbo edition. You get to add as many seats that include your team members at checkout. The agency package is a great choice for firms working together to get leads, and it comes with 10+ seats. The billing is more metered, which means that firms get to pay for what they use. This tool is browser-based and works as an extension on chrome. This means that it only gets to work when you are logged on to LinkedIn 

Who Is the Tool Best for?

This automation tool is great for individual marketers, a sales team, and a marketing agency firm. You can expect up to 70% response from connects and 65% response for personalized outreach at the individual level. There is also a lot of excellent reviews as to how it works for teams and firm agencies.

Main Features

Great tool for finding prospects: This tool is great for finding prospects and support sales navigators. It also uploads the list of profiles that have been sent connect requests. The tool teaches itself to target profiles you had tagged before and also visits profiles based on CSV previously downloaded. Great auto-engage intelligence: This tool automatically views profiles, invites with personalized messages, endorse connections, and also in mail profiles. Setting drip campaigns is extremely easy and is automatically carried out after a profile responds. Human-like intelligence: This tool has the ability to send automatic follow-ups to LinkedIn. It also has an automatic delay feature that makes it send invites after a reasonable random timeframe to make it seem human-like. The tool also creates a list of profiles that replied to connects for manual follow-ups. It is important to note that the number of activities this tool can carry out is dependent on the plan.

Pros of Using The Tool

  • Great support team available 24/7 hours
  • Beginners favorite tool 
  • Tons of integration

Cons of Using The Tool

It only works when you’re logged in.


Individual package:

  • Free Plan Available: $0/monthly
  • Pro edition: $11.25/ monthly
  • Turbo edition: $41.25/monthly

Team package:

  • Pro edition: $135.00/annually
  • Turbo edition: $135.00/annually

Agency package:

  • Turbo edition: $412.50/month


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3. –

Overall Rating: 4.82/5 is one of the best tools I have come across in recent times. It is a really convenient tool, and unlike some in this review, it is a cloud-based automation tool and therefore runs for 24 hours. This makes it one of the best tools to send a lot of connect requests and personalized messages in a day.  Another great part of this tool is the fact that it sends invites and connects in random sequence to make it seem more human. I never got flagged by LinkedIn all the time I used it, and it did a great job in terms of results. I got up to 80% responses from profiles I sent personalized messages. The campaign is also great, and there is a 7-day free trial that allows you to check out the features of this tool. has a smart targeting feature. It can send up to 100 invites, 100 messages, and find out people engaged in a related post and extract their profiles for personalized outreach.

Who Is The Tool Best For?

It is the best tool to go for if you manage more than a single account, want high lead generation, or run an agency.

Main Features

  • Webhooks: Expandi comes with a webhooks feature that allows you to link it to your other marketing tool. With the possibility of adding a tool like Zaipier, you could create an extremely powerful hyper-personalization that drives unprecedented lead generation.
  • Smart inbox: this tool comes with a nice smart inbox that is a hundred times better than your native LinkedIn inbox. Literally. The inbox saves all your messages, unlimited filters and is superb for managing multiple accounts.  You get to boost customer engagement with this tool.
  • Dynamic Personalization: takes personalization to the next level by ensuring that each profile gets unique personalized messages. The personalization feature is so great that it triggers up to an 80% response rate from 50 leads I reached out to
  • Safety: A Cloud-based automation tool, you get a dedicated IP address whenever you log in, making it extremely difficult for LinkedIn to track it down. 

Pros Of Using The Tool

  • It is cloud-based and runs 24/7
  • Very effective for lead generation
  • Dynamic personalization

Cons Of Using The Tool

  • The pricing is just all I can point out

Pricing actually starts its subscription at $99/seat monthly. 


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4. –

Overall Rating: 4.77/5

Living up to its name, WeConnect is one of the top cloud-based Automation software for generating leads and following up respondents. It is a very safe tool, and I believe it can share the spot with in that regard.  This tool has a very high success rate for prospecting, nurturing, and closing deals. Its automation process is extremely seamless, and it can send invites and personalized messages while allowing considerable time in between each connect request to make the automation more human. There is a dashboard for stats and analytics of profile engagement, and it can also download saved campaign data. The tool is compatible with Sales Navigator.

Who Is The Tool Best For?

This tool is a great choice for sales teams and small startups that would love to know everyone’s activity on LinkedIn and beat the price. Of course, recruiters can also make use of it if they desire to.

Main Features

  • Excellent Campaign Manager: you can run multiple specified campaigns that are completely based on filtered audience.
  • Smart Reply: this tool has a great auto-reply feature to prospect questions and responses. It can also work out new connections, send personalized messages, and endorse skills.
  • User Management: your dashboard gives you an eagle eye over every activity and campaign report. You can also welcome users with your account.  

Pros Of Using The Tool

  • It is safe and runs 24/7
  • Perfect for lead generation
  • Team automation tool 

Cons Of Using The Tool

  • The features may be too much for a beginner.


$49 per user/month (the tool operates a straightforward pricing system and operates a pay-as-you-go model)


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5. MeetAlfred –

Overall Rating: 4.67/5

While it was previously known as Leonard, Meet Alfred has experienced recent developments, but I believe they could be better. You should note that it is a web-based tool and does not run for 24 hours.  The standout feature of Meet Alfred is its multi-channel access design. It has a combined all-in-one setup for LinkedIn, Twitter, and emails so you can have an enhanced engagement with prospects. The tool focuses on message personalization, and you can automat connect requests and follow-up messages for prospects you already had contact with.  The tool has a really friendly interface, and if there is a tool that I will handpick for beginners, it is this tool. 

Who Is The Tool Best For?

It is great for lead generation. If you are looking to drive engagement and manage conversations with the built-in CRM. This tool will be very handy. Using this LinkedIn automation tool, you can even send bulk messages and multiple connection requests. But if you choose to do so, you should always keep in mind some of the main LinkedIn automation safety best practices.

Main Features

  • Campaign Manager: The tool follows a random time frame while sending connect requests and personalized messages to beat LinkedIn bots.
  • Alfred CRM: Its built-in CRM makes it easy for you to manage your connections and leads.  
  • Email Campaign Sequences: it is not limited to LinkedIn, and you can use it to engage prospects on email. 

Pros Of Using The Tool

  • It offers a bit of everything
  • Great for lead generation 
  • Campaign on email and Twitter

Cons Of Using The Tool

  • Actions with a long timeframe cannot be automated. 
  • It has to be manually kick-started for it to run as it is a browser-based tool


Alfred offers three pricing options:

  • Essential: $29/month.
  • Advanced: $59/month.
  • Professional: $119/month.


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6. OctopusCRM – 

Overall Rating: 4.23/5

OctopusCRM is the answer to simple LinkedIn automation while maintaining efficiency. This automation software program improved my LinkedIn marketing considerably, and it is one of the best I’ve ever stumbled upon. The sweetest part is that it has a Google Chrome extension which gives your quick access to its features. As a digital marketer, I always choose the best software to make all my tasks a whole lot easier. With OctopusCRM, I was able to get the best of LinkedIn advertising and marketing features. You will need to get familiar with the tool to determine whether it is the right one for your business. This is why I have compiled some of its best features so you can get a clearer understanding of what you want to buy.

Who Is The Tool Best For?

Most lead generation companies and B2b entrepreneurs make use of LinkedIn’s limitless network. Tasks such as profile targeting, messaging, and all-around engagement can be automated with the help of this awesome web tool. This has saved me a lot of time, energy, and resources. 

Main Features

  • Performance analyzer: OctopusCRM gives you control of your analytics. There is a dashboard provided for users which contains vital LinkedIn metrics and all-around business performance. It is the section where you can find all the numbers.
  • Third-party integration: Apps work better when merged with other equally capable software. My OctopusCRM tool could integrate with a dozen more software. I used Zapier and was able to organize my LinkedIn tasks with just a few clicks of my mouse button.
  • Sales funnel builder: With OctpusCRM, I was able to test different funnels to boost my sales. The tool helped me figure out which funnel worked for my business trajectories. 

Pros Of Using The Tool

  • Works well with other software
  • Best for B2B lead generation business
  • Easy to use

Cons Of Using The Tool

  • Not as advanced as some in this list


  • Starter: $6.99
  • Pro: $9.99
  • Advanced: $14.99


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7. Cleverly –

Overall Rating: 3.95/5

This unique LinkedIn automation tool allows you receive messages from prospective customers straight to your inbox. It tested, replicated, and sent all my messages to my target audience with an excellent scaling technique. Cleverly automation tool is 100% data-driven and very optimized. I discovered hidden sales possibilities because I built comprehensive lists of prospects, and the process was continuous and equally efficient.

Who Is The Tool Best For? 

Cleverly is also an amazing tool for handling multiple lead campaigns with seamless strategy testing when you get it operating. I found my message box brimming with 100+ contacts from major game players of my target companies.  Cleverly uses high-performance data to engage top companies that fit your business and carefully guide them to your sales funnel. A great option for B2B experts looking for ten times their LinkedIn sales outreach.

Main Features

  • Prospect list building: This tool gets the job done by creating an ideal customer profile and then building on it. This helps in turning a target into an engaging or committed member for your sales.
  • Personalized networking: Cleverly gives you a more personalized approach, which is a bit better than most LinkedIn automatons. 
  • 100% Data-driven: The use of both background and foreground LinkedIn data is applied in helping you make major sales decisions.

Pros Of Using The Tool

  • It Saves time and is very easy to use
  • It saves you cost as it focuses mainly on high-value prospects.
  • A/B tested 

Cons Of Using The Tool

  • It is a bit pricey 


  • Silver: $297/monthly
  • Gold: $397/monthly
  • Platinum: $597/monthly


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8. Dripify –

Overall Rating: 4.12/5

Dripify is one of the best tools in the market right now for generating leads on your commercial enterprise.  You can automate your LinkedIn outreach daily due to the lead feature technology of this tool. Efficiency is the main strength of this tool, and you should expect a high response in relation to connecting requests sent. Your target audience will also be receiving follow-up emails for tighter engagement.  Dripify combines AI Backed Demand Generation techniques with our experienced engagement team. This results in accurate delivery of the right content to real targets at the right place and time. It will help you access well-detailed analytics with essential metrics, group stats, and conversion rates. You can also export leads into CSV. I ran complete autopilot mode numerous times with my Dripify, even when offline. It optimizes every single necessity LinkedIn requires for network building.

Who Is The Tool Best For?

Expand your marketplace to reach out to prospecting campaigns by choosing your own favored computerized LinkedIn actions. As a virtual marketer, Dripify exercises a wide range of intent data and predictive analysis meant for targeting and building relationships with the world’s prominent decision-makers in your line of business. I was able to exercise my range. 

Main Features

  • Excellent team management: In just a few clicks, I assigned roles, upgraded plans, and effectively analyzed LinkedIn performance. This I was able to execute perfectly in bulk tasks. 
  • Automatic response: Dripify has one fastest lead response, and I continued to transform potential targets into real deals.
  • Rapid CSV export: This is done to achieve retargeting, email campaigns, and other vital data which you can easily download. They include addresses, emails, contacts, and the company position of target profiles. 

Pros Of Using The Tool

  • The ability to work directly with your teams.
  • It is has a very flexible workflow.
  • Extremely time-saving.

Cons Of Using The Tool

  • It is sometimes buggy.


  • Basic: $39/monthly 
  • Pro: $59/monthly 
  • Advanced: $79/monthly


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9. Prospectin –

Overall Rating: 4.09/5

If you love Dux-Soup but want a little bit of a user-friendly interface than what the most popular chrome automation extension already offers, then Prospectin is the right choice for you. This tool was created a little bit after Dux-soup and is also a chrome extension automation tool.  The tool allows simple operation, and you can easily navigate your way through profiles that have responded to connect requests. Your CRM is easily synced with this tool, and it can send bulk messages at once, but this could be its biggest bane, and you should limit the use of this feature as it makes it easily noticeable by LinkedIn.

Who Is This Tool For?

This tool is great for users who may be in the marketing or sales team and are looking to generate leads without using advanced tools. 

Main Features

  • Personalization: It can send connect requests and personalize outreach when running campaigns.  
  • Profile Details Download: It can easily download the details of target profiles so you can know how to personalize your campaign.
  • Dashboard: It has a dashboard where you can view profile engagements and know the next step to take.

Pros Of Using The Tool

  • Personalized campaigns
  • Great engagement level

Cons Of Using The Tool

Only automates LinkedIn profiles. No Twitter and emails.


  • Standard: free with limited functionality. 15 connects maximum
  • Pro: €25/seat per month. 
  • Advanced: €50/seat per month 
  • Business: €150/seat per month 

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10. Linked-Assist –


Overall Rating: 4.33/5

Dubbed the revolutionary LinkedIn tool, Linked-Assist ensures that you generate new leads n a consistent basis. A chrome extension automation tool, this tool only runs when you are logged in via your browser.  While this tool does not perform many custom functions, it automates all basic LinkedIn activities and is a decent automation tool. It can send up to 100 or 150 connect requests daily while ensuring considerable random spaces to mimic a human-like engagement. The campaigns are personalized to a large extent, and you can send personalized outreach that drives responses from clients. 

Who Is The Tool Best For?

A sales agent, manager, or agency will find this tool helpful.

Main Features

  • Standard profile engagement: this tool sends connects requests and performs personalized outreach to an extent. All basic Profile Engagement features are included.
  • Easy to use: the interface is extremely easy to understand and navigate, so users will not have a lot of trouble with it.
  • Pricing: the price is very affordable and is one of the cheapest in this review.

Pros Of This Tool

  • Lead generation
  • Basic LinkedIn automation feature is handled
  • Easy to understand interface

Cons Of Using The Tool

  • No real advanced features
  • It does not run 24/7


Starts at $15.99/seat per month


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The Popularity Of LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn has grown extremely popular since Microsoft acquired it in 2016. The business networking platform has the highest number of signed-in professionals globally and now boasts over 743 million members globally. There are over 55 million registered companies on the platform. The United States has the highest, with the country having more than 180 million users on the platform. Being a proven business and lead generation platform, more than 44% of users make up to $75,000 annually directly from successful business deals closed on the platform. 79% of marketers registered on LinkedIn believe that the platform is a great source of leads, and 43% have claimed to have gotten one or more customers on the platform. LinkedIn has premium subscriptions that users pay for, dependent on their needs. There are four subscriptions that users can register for, and they include:

  • Premium Career: $29.99/month
  • Premium Business: $59.99/month
  • Sales Navigator Pro: $79.99/month
  • Recruiter Lite (Hiring): $119.95/month

The Difference Between Browser & Cloud-Based LinkedIn Automation Tools

Browser LinkedIn Automation Tools

Browser LinkedIn Automation tools are so named because you would need to access the tools from your browser. The tools are presented as browser extensions. A perfect example is the LinkedIn automation Chrome extension, which gives you the ability to make use of any of the top tools without having to learn any new interface. Browser LinkedIn automation tools are the best option for people concerned about ensuring keeping the normal LinkedIn interface while the tools target prospects, send connect requests, and put up campaigns.  Browser automation tools extension also ensures that your account details remain secured with you, and you do not have to share with an external source or third party. While there are a couple of benefits that come with opting for Browser LinkedIn automation tools, you should know that you would not be able to run your automation tool 24/7, and since the tools rely on your browser Caching, they are much easier to detect compared to Cloud-based LinkedIn Automation tools. LinkedIn also usually finds it easier to detect browser extension automation tools because of the consistent IP address change whenever you log in, triggering red flags.

Cloud-Based LinkedIn Automation Tools  

Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools are more like the advanced form of browser-based automation tools regarding how much freedom and protection it gives to you. With the right technology and systems, cloud-based automation tools are harder for LinkedIn to detect and flag.   With these tools, you can log into your account and set up parameters and filters for activities you wish to automate The biggest advantage of Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools is that it comes with an IP address dedicated for its purpose. It also gives users access to features not available on web-based LinkedIn Automation tools such as personalization.

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing The LinkedIn Automation Tool For Your Business

    Browser-Based or Cloud-Based Automation Tool?

    I have already stated the advantages and let off between these two automation tool choices, and you would have to decide which one suits your personality and needs. If you work in an office and always tend to alternate between your PC and a workstation when logging into your LinkedIn account, a browser-based Automation tool will be the best choice to go for. A cloud-based automation tool is a supposedly better option if you desire to access advanced features and beat LinkedIn detections.  

    The Tool Automates Without Many Profile Visits

    You would not want to tick off LinkedIn to categorize your account activities under over-activity and using an automation tool that has to visit prospects’ profiles unendingly would do just that. There are several extension tools that send connects requests and get details without visiting every profile.

    Does the automation tool work for the Regular account and Sales Navigator account?

    If you intend to generate leads as a marketer or salesperson, LinkedIn sales Navigator is just that extra addition that gives you the edge to gain prospects. This also means that when choosing an automation tool, you should go for the one that performs LinkedIn sales navigator automation, making it easy to automate activities on the Sales Navigator account. 

    A tool that automates more like a human than a bot

    LinkedIn is not exactly friendly with third-party automation tools and the moment their system senses you are breaking any of their rules, your account could risk suspension and, in some cases, complete ban. However, you can beat the platform policing system by purchasing a tool that automates more like a human than a bot. Great tools like are known to intelligently automate activities as a human would.

    Budget and cost planning 

    As usual, the cost comes in last, but don’t be deceived. Cost is a very important factor worth considering when it comes to automation tools. All of the tools we reviewed come with different prices, and it is important that while choosing any of them, the cost should resonate with your budget.

    Our Final Words

    I have always been passionate about helping small businesses achieve unprecedented by taking advantage of the different digital platforms and tools. I have been in the business of using and teaching people how to make use of platforms like LinkedIn and helpful tools to help them scale their business and break out of the crowd. In this article, all the tools reviewed and a ton of others have been used by myself, and these ones are the best out of the crowd. While all the tools have basic similarities, their area of specialization makes them unique, and you will no doubt find the one that works. 

    LinkedIn Marketing FAQs

    How to automate in LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn automation is all about using software (automation tools) to perform tasks that you would ordinarily do to get prospects. To automate in LinkedIn, you will need to sign up with the automation tool, install their plugin, follow their instructions and set up the type of prospects that should receive connection requests and many other functions. 

    What are LinkedIn tools?

    LinkedIn has its tools that are usually accessible with paid subscriptions, and each one has a variety of functions that include checking profiles, downloading lead links to excel, and standard profile engagement. LinkedIn tools are, however, limited in functionality to third-party automation tools. 

    What is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

    You have to consider the time zones of the prospects you are targeting before posting. This helps schedule your activities in line with the prospects’ own. Apart from time zones, the best time to post from personal experience and get maximum engagement is between 9 am to 1 pm on a Wednesday.

    What is an automation tool in LinkedIn?

    A LinkedIn automation tool helps you send connect requests, messages, create campaigns, and perform a ton of other activities in a more effective way than you could ever do. They are most useful when you are not online on LinkedIn to perform prospecting tasks yourself.

    Why use a LinkedIn automation tool?

    To generate more leads, target relevant profiles, and get a better reply rate that could turn to a business deal. All automated. 

    What is the best LinkedIn automation tool to use?

    The best LinkedIn automation tool I the one that can be customized to your needs. 

    How do I generate B2B leads on LinkedIn?

    Okay, there are really simple steps to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn that is highly overlooked. First, make your profile great and specific, target the decision-makers of businesses that interest you, send great follow-up messages, and use great sales automation tools.

    Is LinkedIn automation illegal?

    LinkedIn does not give Third-party automation tools the thumbs up that does not mean that the platform just goes around striking down accounts that use automation tools. Just ensure that you are not spamming profiles and carrying out over-activity with your automation tool, and you will be fine.

    How to personalize outreach on LinkedIn?

    You need to build your profile, create a personal message template, add target prospects to your network, and use automation messaging tools to get prospects outside your network.

    What is LinkedIn message automation?

    It is the use of top service and marketing automation tools to send a personalized message to the target audience. The audience could be new leads or previous professionals that have been contacted before.

    How many LinkedIn connections can you send in a day?

    You do not want to do to trigger LinkedIn bots to monitor activities in your account. Whether you are using an automation tool or manually sending connect requests you should stick to a specific number daily for connect requests and invites sent. As a personal rule, you should not send more than 70 connect requests a day when using a free LinkedIn account. If you are on a subscription or have a Sales Navigator account, then do not send more than 150 a day. What you must also not do is to send the request at once.

    Is LinkedIn helper legal?

    Like other third-party automation tools, a LinkedIn helper is not given a rousing welcome in the platform, but using them with restraints should not get you into any trouble.

    How to get more leads with LinkedIn automation tools?

    To generate leads with automation tools, you will need to go for those kinds of tools. There are several specific lead generation tools reviewed in this article. MeetAlfred and Zopto are one of the tools that you can consider.

    When should I use LinkedIn automation tools?

    You can use the tools reviewed here anytime you are looking to generate leads, find professionals in related fields, and recruit. There are tons of other functions that automation can implement but these are their fundamental benefits.

    How to get more leads on LinkedIn without getting banned?

    You can generate leads in abundance on LinkedIn and still avoid the platform wrath by using top LinkedIn that automate like a human. Tools like WeConnect, Expandi, and other Cloud-based tools are also top choices you should consider for lead generation. 

    What are the problems that can be solved by Linking automation tools?

    There are tons of problems that automation tools can solve, and they include poor lead generation and poor prospect engagement.