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Week 3: 3 reasons why you should start a blog!

You’ve probably already heard this, but I am here to tell you again!! It is important to start a blog around your company. It is important to build a community around your company. Starting a blog could not only help your Google rankings and SEO, but it could also help you grow your revenue by developing loyal followers around your brand. Starting a blog allows you to connect with your followers. Having followers of your blogs means you can turn those followers into customers!

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Reason 1: Build a Community

For example, if you own a guitar shop and you sell guitars, you may want to start a blog about, “How to Play the Guitar” or teach people how to play certain popular songs on the guitar via blog posts or blogging videos. This is just one example of things you could with a blog. By you blogging about the products or services you offer, it helps you build better brand identity and helps you target a niche. In the example above, it helps you target people that play guitar and people that would like to learn to play guitar. Some people shy away from target a single niche or demographic and want to target the mass population. I think it is easiest to get target a certain niche because it creates loyalty with your company. Just think, you only have to sell 5000 people a $200 product to make million dollars or sell 2000 people a $500 product to make a million dollars. In a world of over 7 billion people, you need to try and build a following of 15,000 people. If you can do that, while selling a $200 product, only one third of your following would need to buy your product for you to make a million dollars in revenue! Seriously!! When I put it in terms like that, it does not make it that hard to become a million dollar business!

Reason 2: Help Your SEO

However, blogging does not even necessarily need to be around the products that you offer. You could seriously blog about anything! From the sports game last night, politics, or even the movie you saw last night. By you blogging and posting to your website and social media profiles, it encourages people to share you content which could lead to the number of backlinks pointing to your website! Backlinks are essential for your Google rankings of your business. By getting more backlinks pointed at your website, it could help put your website in front of more potential customers which could lead to more revenue for your business!

At NextGen Marketing, we love to write about business! From entrepreneurship and the struggles starting a business, to eCommerce websites, and marketing! It is all revolved around business because that’s something we love and something we love to talk about. We love sharing our knowledge that we have been able to gather from starting a business!

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Reason 3: Boost Your Revenue

With all of these ways to help boost the revenue of your business, this is why I’m highly highly highly encouraging you to start a blog for your business or yourself! It may even help you generate some ad revenue on your website if you can get enough subscribers or you could get paid to promote a particular product for another company! The options are endless. It is going to take time and hard-work, but with consistency you will be able to build a community around your company and boost your revenue!  If you need any help getting started, feel free to send me an email!

Consistency is Key & Sales is King

Stay Consistent,

Nicholas Wolf- CEO of NextGen Marketing